10 Foot Container

Our 10 foot containers are the convenient, flexible storage product for locations where space is especially limited.


  • Exterior Length: 10'
  • Exterior Width: 8'
  • Exterior Height: 8'6"
  • Interior Length: 9'4"
  • Interior Width: 7'8"
  • Interior Height: 7'9"

  • Compact: 10' containers are the perfect solution for urban onsite storage or small driveways.
  • High Quality: Units are water-tight, secure, clean, and light gray in color.
  • Convenient: Safely store your posessions at your site for access on your terms without driving to a storage facility.
  • Available: We have 10' containers available now for immediate delivery!

Call 603-622-1673 to receive a rate quote.

10 foot containers require a minimum of 40 feet of clear space to deliver.